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JOB AND TRAINING OPPORTUNITY! Early applicants will be prioritized. Deadline 30 Dec 2019


Youth Pollinator  Leadership Team (Ages 16-24) APPLY TODAY: 1 pg max outlining: 1. who you are, 2. why you are interested in pollinators and conservation, 3. how you have demonstrated leadership in your school, community, or family, and 4. what would you like to do with this training and leadership opportunity.

Send application or questions to Lora: LM@pollinator.org


Program run by Pollinator Partnership Canada in collaboration with the Royal BC Museum and 

the Victoia Natural History Society


The Pollinator Leadership Team is a select group of youth from Victoria and the CRD that will conduct a pollinator assessment and knowledge-sharing program in the city. Youth will have the opportunity to gain conservation experience in addition to outreach and leadership skills. $18/hr compensation plus free training and some volunteer hours (total hours over the year~40-50). 

Pollinator Team INFO SHEET FINAL (docx)


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The Island Pollinator Initiative is a program of Pollinator Partnership Canada http://pollinator.org/canada

Photo credits: Bumble bee, Rob Bowen; flower meadow, Kristen Miskelly