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Planting Guides

Eastern Vancouver Island

Western Vancouver Island

Regional lists of native plants for pollinators. Information on pollinators, and planting and managing guidelines. For homeowners, farmers, and land managers.

Gulf Islands

Ecoregional Planting Guide Georgia-Puget Basin

Short Guides

Pollinator Partnership: Eastern Vancouver Pocket Guide Selecting Plants for Pollinators (pdf)


Saanich Native Plants: Inviting Pollinators to Your Garden (pdf)


Saanich Native Plants: Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden (pdf)


LifeCycles: Make a Bee-Happy Garden (pdf)


LifeCycles: Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides (pdf)


Habitat Acquisition Trust: Pollinators: Protection and Stewardship (pdf)


Plants.To.Help.Pollinators.2018.ver8 (pdf)


Identification and Citizen Science

Insight App Pollinator Monitoring

Border Free Bees Quick Category ID

Use this guide with the BFB Insight Citizen Scientist Monitoring App 

Insight Citizen Scientist Pollinator Monitoring App

Click on the picture and start using the App!

UBC Resources & Talks

Common Bee Identification Pocket Guide for Southern Vancouver Island (pdf)


Bee Friendly Farming

Certify Your Farm as Bee Friendly!

Bee Friendly Farming helps bees and biodiversity. Increase pollination and crop yields, enhance natural pest control and reduce input costs. Find out how to certify your farm and market your products as Bee Friendly.

Don't Have a Farm?

Add your bee-friendly garden, small or large, to the North American SHARE map! Help us get to 1 MILLION pollinator gardens.

DIY Bee Homes

About Bumble Bees and Building Boxes

A short guide about bumble bees and building aritificial nest boxes. Border Free Bees

Advice on Building Bumble Boxes

Technical details for design and set up of bumble bee homes by Luc Pelletier & Ralph Cartar, U of C

Mason Bee Homes

Make homes for mason bees and other tunnel nesting bees. Border Free Bees

Teacher Resources

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Useful Links

Pollinator Partnership (Information and guides):

Habitat Aquisition Trust (local conservation programs, information, guides):

Saanich Native Plants (Local source for local native plants/seeds):

CRFAIR (Local food security programs and info):

Victoria Natural History Society (Local consevation programs, talks, field trips):

Victoria Master Gardeners (Events, information, planting guides):

Victoria Horticultural Society (Gardening education and support):

Lifecycles (Local food programs and resources):

Horticultural Centre of the Pacific (Gardens, plant sales, programs and classes):

BC Farms & Food (local e-magazine and farm map):

Border Free Bees (Resources, inspiration, citizen science):

Victory Gardens for Bees (blog, pictures, info, book):

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation (Information, guides, books):

Photo credits: Flower meadow and bumble bee, Kristen Miskelly. Native bee apiary, Border Free Bees